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Lacquer processing and the environment that these two terms have to contradict not necessarily shows our daily practice.


Wherever possible, we rely on water-dilutable paints or powder coatings, which make the use of solvents superfluous.

At places where solvent emissions have so far been unavoidable, the air we release to the atmosphere is treated by means of thermal post-combustion (TNV), the waste heat of which we in turn feed into our production as process heat. This eliminates pollutants and regains precious energy.


We regard water as a precious commodity and thereby conserve resources by supplementing our processes with cascading rinsing only the actual evaporation loss. Furthermore, modern deposition and separation techniques (e.g., ultrafiltration, separation) maximize the life of our process baths without sacrificing quality.

All wastewater is treated by us chemically in a sewage system before it is delivered to the public canal system.

Therefore, it is not surprising that we were awarded the Foundation Prize of the TÜV Pfalz in 1997 for special contributions to environmental protection and safety technology.