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Coil Coating aluminum by KSI

Coil Coating - wide pre-painted aluminium coils

Every year millions of square meters of aluminum coil and aluminum sheets are coated with high-quality paint systems using the coil coating process and supplied worldwide on our wide coil coating plant.

After a wet-chemical pretreatment (cleaning, applying a green chromate coating/chromfree coating), the coils are coated on the back with an adhesive varnish and varnished on the visible side with a topcoat based on polyester, acrylic or PVDF. The polyester coatings belong to the highly weather-resistant systems with simultaneously high ductility and flexibility. Particularly UV-resistant and even more resistant is the PVDF coating, which is coated in 2-3 layers and is particularly popular in facade construction. With acrylic lacquers we can apply up to 60 μm coating thickness in a coil coating pass. Such coatings are particularly suitable in applications where high layer thicknesses are expected. An example are vehicle roofs for bus construction.

Coil Coating - Unique Selling Point

A unique feature is the maximum coil width of 2.700 mm. Especially in the commercial vehicle and motorhome sector, such wide coils and sheets find a variety of applications. The raw material is produced in many formats, alloys and dimensions by an aluminum manufacturer.

Coils can also be cut into sheets and shipped according to agreed packaging regulations.

In addition to the coating of aluminum coils, the application with a primer on large-sized aluminum corrugated sheets is also our specialty. The system is designed for sheets with dimensions of up to 13.500 mm in length and 2.500 mm in width.

Coil Coating markets

Our customers for adhesive primer on piece sheets include many well-known bodybuilders from the commercial vehicle industry. The coils are supplied to the caravanning and motorhome industry, rescue vehicles, facade construction, as well as vehicle and container construction worldwide.

In addition to aluminum, hot dip galvanized or sendzimierverzinkte steel coils can be painted on our coil coating system, if they are already coated with a factory primer.


  weight thickness widths length
aluminum coils up tp 5.5 tons 0.5 - 2.0 mm 2.000 mm - 2.630 mm variable
sheets up to 350 kg up to 3.5 mm up to 2.630 mm up to 13.500 mm