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Powder Coating, Cathodic Dip Coating und Coil Coating

The strength of KSI plays not only in the offered procedures ...

... but rather in the combination that can be offered here at the location.

In addition to our know-how as a coater, we also offer you our manpower and the logistical advantage when it comes to additional and special work before and / or after the coating.

The following selection can give you a small impression of what we can do in the different areas in addition to the coatings.

Extensive masking before / after coating
Pressing bushings
Wetting with wet paint for 2-color design
Anti-slip coating
Assembly of attachments after coating
Labeling of the coated components
Packaging and picking activities
Storage of call components
chemical paint stripping and blasting via cooperation partners
Coated workpieces for the automotive industry were processed by means of a semi-automatic machining center. Here threads were cut, bushes pressed in and the workpieces continuously marked by laser printer. Subsequently, the parts were manually cavity sealed.

individual solutions in combination

Of course, we are also open to other activities. Talk to us, describe your problem and we will find a solution together with you. In combination with external partners, it is possible to create almost inexhaustible combinations, which you can obtain from us from one source.