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CDP - Electrocoating

CDP - high quality corrosion protection

CDP coating is the perfect combination of corrosion protection, quality, cost effectiveness and environmental friendliness. It guarantees effective and long-lasting corrosion protection, offering good durability against chemical exposure.

CDP elctrocoating fulfills the specific corrosion protection requirements of the automotive industry, which have also found their way into other industries.

Electrocoating are often used as a primer for powder and liquid paints.

CDP - layer thickness

Electrocoat can be prepared according to you wishes and specifications:

N-CDP normal layer thickness: 20 - 25 µm
D-CDP thick layer thickness: >35 µm

Durable products with high value retention are the result of this perfect surface coating that meets the high standards of the automotive manufacturers. Furthermore,  elctrocoated surfaces offer the best conditions for powder coating or conventional painting. This makes you independent in the selection of color and surface texture.

ill. electrocoated parts

Benefits of KSI Electrocoat:

• High process reliability
• Even, adjustable coat thickness distribution
• Very good coverage
• High precision fit of the work pieces
• No drop formation or so-called curtaining
• High chemical durability
• Salt-spray test 504 h
• VW climate change test up to 60 h
• Resistant to sustained high temperatures of maximum 150 degrees celcius
• Pickling as a separate process
• Variably adjustable coating thickness from 20 up to over 35 um
• Very good coverage in hollow spaces and other difficult-to-access areas through long treatment times
• Thus, coating is possible for heat exchangers and cooling units
• Very good edge coverage, resulting in better corrosion protection
• Thanks to our special pre-treatment, steel, zinc and certain aluminum alloys can be coated
• Re-coating with all popular powder coating systems and conventional paints.
• Provides resistance to comercially available oils, fuels and brake fluids
• Different maskings before coating
• Special frames – frame assembly in our own metal working shop
• Highly cost effective

KTL plant

ill. CDC painted parts


Cathodic electrocoating (CDC) uses electrochemical processes to deposit color. The underlying physical / chemical principle in electrocoating is that the positively charged paint particles deposit in the dipping bath by applying a DC voltage to the workpiece (the cathode). In this case, the paint molecules are deposited even with complicated geometries of the pretreated workpiece, with a very good adhesion is achieved.

The CDP process forms a uniform paint film over the entire surface. This cavities are coated, as far as allow the electric field lines.

In order to achieve maximum resistance of the CDP coating, the paint film subsequently crosslinks in the baking oven and cures at about 180 ° C.

CDP - pretreating

In order to optimize the protective effect of the cathodic dip paint coating, the workpieces pass through the required pretreatment stages. The actual CDP is preceded by a low zinc phosphating, which is responsible for the necessary cleanliness of the surface and the construction of a bonding agent layer between the workpiece and the lacquer.

The substrates can be processed:

  • steel
  • galvanized steel
  • cast steel
  • different aluminum alloys
  • aluminum die casting

On request, it is possible to descalcify steel parts before the KTL, in an independent process step.

The CDP is preceded by a wet chemical pretreatment in which the parts are cleaned alkaline and an adhesion promoter is applied (Zn phosphating).

CDP dimensions

The following table shows which parts are suitable for the CDP Coating.

11.2019 - NEW Electrocoat plant!

materials aluminum, steel, galvanized steel, cast steel
max. weight bis 2.000kg
max. dimensions 3.100 x 1.250 x 1.800mm (LxWxH)
Deviations from this may be possible in individual cases,
ask us by eMail.