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pickling and rust removal

manuelle Dampfstrahlreinigung

seperate pickling plant for the product carriers

Mill scaling or corrosion on the work piece or an oxide layer on the laser cutting edge impedes necessary pre-treatment via Tri Cationic phosphating (the essential element of corrosion protection before electrocoating).

without pickling - scale oxide

When pickling is integrated into the pre-treatment process, the pickling interval is subject to the cycle constraints of the machine, which is often insufficient for clean removal of thicker scaling layers. This lowers the quality of the results.

Our response to this is a self-contained pickling machine, in which work pieces can be treated independently of the pre-treatment and painting process for as long as needed according to the degree of scaling.

with pickling - scale-free

The pickling machine is constructed in such a way that the entire CDP product carriers can fit inside and be switched on as an independent process before the pre-treatment and coating process.

CDP coated - wihhout pickling (scaled)

Rinsing and passivation come after the pickling, as well as an after-treatment via manual steam-jet cleaning, through which welding seam vitrifications are removed.

CDP coated - with pickling (scale-free)

The actual CDP process begins after the pickling and pre-washing. The result are cleanly coated work pieces with allaround good paint adhesion and the
best corrosion protection.

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The following table shows which parts are suitable for the pickling plant.

materials steel, cast steel
max. weight 2.000kg
max. dimensions 3.100 x 1.250 x 1.800mm (LxWxH)
Deviations from this may be possible in individual cases,
ask us by eMail.