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Powder Coating

Environmentally friendly coating

The powder coating process is envioronmentally friendly and absolutely free of solvents. During the process, the tiniest plastic particles are electrically charged and sprayed onto the work piece. Due to the electrostatic action mechanism, these plastic particles settle on the surface of the work piece and form a decorative, closed, plastic surface.

ill. Powder Coating

Expertise and experience

As one of the first coating facilities in Germany, we have long been involved in the topic of powder coating, giving us a wealth of experience. This enables us to offer you expertise-based solutions.

Automatic plants for Powder Coating

We currently operate an advanced automated system for powder coating in which we coat of primer powder to the highly weather-resistant coating material, almost all imaginable shades (RAL, Sikkens, NCS, DB, special colors).

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High quality powder producing suppliers

We work together exclusively with reputable powder producers whose products we trust.

We can, however, also use customer specified or otherwise required products from other manufacturers.

dimensions powder coating

On the basis of the following table you can see which part sizes are suitable for a powder coating with us and which possibilities of pre-treatment depending on the respective substrate for the powder coating come into question.

Vorbehandlung max. Stückgewichte Maße mögliche Substrate
Zn-Phosphating CDP 2.000kg 3.100 x 1.800 x 1.250mm steel, galvanized steel
CDP 2.000kg 3.100 x 1.800 x 1.250mm steel, galvanized steel
Zn-Phosphating 400kg 8.200 x 2.000 x 800mm steel, galvanized steel
Chromfree 400kg 8.200 x 2.000 x 800mm aluminum
Powder plant 400kg 8.200 x 2.000 x 800mm steel, galvanized steel

If you do not find your part size in the table, this does not necessarily mean that we do not have an adequate powder coating option. Please ask us in any case. Unless we actually can not coat the parts, we are most likely to refer you able to one of our partners or to our special powder coating XL.